There are many interventions that are necessary to create and maintain a stable work environment built on high standards. Whether it’s working with government leaders to help develop building standards or addressing local community needs such as increasing the availability of quality health care, we use our scale and influence to advance initiatives that have the greatest long-term potential for positive results.  

Our Global Compliance Principles and corresponding auditing procedures serve as the foundation for our approach to worker safety, factory performance and worker well-being. These principles set forth clear requirements that our contract suppliers must meet regarding worker safety, human rights and the environment. When we find suppliers that are unable to meet our standards, we intervene with worker-centric solutions designed to help improve performance. 

Our programs target the most salient issues by focusing on three areas:

  1. Fostering a safe and respectful workplace;
  2. Improving the lives of workers and others in their communities; and,
  3. Ensuring workers’ universal human rights are respected and advanced.