CHEM-IQ℠ provides a simple, cost-effective and scalable method for identifying and eliminating harmful chemicals before they enter our manufacturing process. It enables us and our suppliers to quickly identify harmful chemicals and replace them with safer substitutes.  

In the first year of the CHEM-IQ℠ program, we phased out hundreds of unwanted chemicals. Since then, the program has continued to drive chemical innovation across both the apparel and chemical industries, and is informing improvements in chemical management in other industries – from toys to household products.

We published the CHEM-IQ℠ Program Manual in 2017, making it available to others with the hopes that it would inspire additional innovations that advance responsible chemical management across all industries. The manual provides in-depth information on the program, VF's CHEM-IQ℠ ratings and screening analysis, and a table of Substances to Avoid.  

Several of our industry peers are incorporating CHEM-IQ℠ into their supply chains. We are also in dialogue to extend the CHEM-IQ℠ process into other industry chemistry programs, allowing the entire textile supply chain to jointly reduce its impact on people and the environment through credible chemistry testing and certifications.