Responsible Sourcing

Manufacturing apparel and footwear today is a complex, global business. Raw materials, trims, and various other components from all corners of the earth converge at finished-goods factories located in dozens of countries with varying levels of economic development. The factories manufacturing the end products are governed by disparate standards, regulations and laws with inconsistent levels of enforcement. While our industry has lifted millions of people out of poverty and provided a path to economic prosperity, it is also challenged by breaches in worker rights & safety, product stewardship and environmental stewardship.

That’s why VF has partnered with NGOs, experts from industry, and academia to create the Responsible Sourcing program. As one of the largest apparel and footwear companies in the world, we recognize our opportunity and responsibility to affect positive change focusing on worker well-being, environmental sustainability and product stewardship.

We are working to transform the relationships we have with our supplier factories – moving from transactional exchanges to partnerships. We have set new, higher expectations for their operations with respect to social and environmental responsibility. And, we’re working closely with them to advance continual improvements.


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