Movement Makers


Movement Makers

Every one of us can be a force for good. At VF, we want to inspire our nearly 65,000 associates and millions of consumers by uniting their efforts to create a movement of sustainable and active lifestyles.

We are elevating our actions with the third pillar of our Made for Change strategy, Movement Makers. Together, we can radically transform our business and lead the apparel and footwear industry into a sustainable future for all of our stakeholders.

We focus on three priorities:

  • Impactful Brands
  • Impactful Work
  • Impactful Interventions

Our goals are that all VF associates have the opportunity to contribute to their local communities and that VF and our brands empower our consumers to live more active and sustainable lives.

Key Priorities

Impactful brands

We sell roughly 500 million products every year. That means every day, millions of consumers around the world make a choice to buy our products. Buying a boot made from recycled bottles or a sweatshirt that provides financial support to the community where it was made, sending demand signals throughout the supply chain for more sustainably sourced and responsibly made products.

Consumers can help to shape the world around them through these purchasing choices. At VF, we believe that by providing our consumers with more sustainable options, we are enabling them to live more responsible and sustainable lives, giving them a platform to influence the future direction of our industry.

Impactful Work

Our associates represent a force of more than 65,000 movement makers. Empowering them to make a positive impact through their work is a big win - for the individual associates, our communities and our business.

The opportunity to help people pursue their passions while also addressing social and environmental issues through their work are strong reasons why our associates join and stay with VF and our brands. When associates can make a positive impact through their work, they report experiencing more fulfilling careers.

Similarly, we know that an associate's ability to contribute to impactful work returns value to our business too, as they become more engaged.

That's why we offer associates the chance to create positive impact through their everyday work and through brand-aligned volunteerism. We also support them with mentoring, wellness programs and flexible workplace policies that allow them to pursue their passions and empower them to be the best they can be.

Impactful Interventions

To help more people live active and sustainable lifestyles, we must remove the barriers that prevent them from participating today or that may pose threats tomorrow. For example, sustainable products have historically been more expensive than conventional ones. Public lands are under threat and require protection. Climate change poses an existential threat to the outdoor environments our brands depend on.

As we consider the appropriate interventions to support thriving lifestyles, we are taking into consideration the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

We are also building on interventions we've already initiated, like democratizing sustainable products, advocating for strong climate change policy, and investing in landscape restoration. Our Impactful Interventions work sharply focuses on the areas where we can drive disproportionate impact and catalyze a movement. Future potential levers include strategic investments, targeted advocacy, philanthropic gifts and collaboration with public and private sector partners. This work will complement and amplify our brand-led programs.

Our next step is to identify priority focus areas based on the barriers that are most critical, that are aligned with our vision, and where VF has the capacity to accelerate change. We will activate at least three major interventions by 2020.