As VF’s Sustainability & Responsibility Community of Practice, we are proud to announce the launch of our new strategy, Made for Change.

We spent the last few years aligning on a common set of goals while also developing norms and best practices across our large, complex business. In 2016, we agreed that it was time to raise our ambition, to rethink the role of sustainability within our business and the role of VF within our overall industry. This led us to ask the question: How can sustainability create measurable value for our business and everyone we touch across our value chain?

The journey to develop our new strategy has spanned many months. We brought together teams from across functions, brands and regions to collaborate in a series of multi-day workshops, and we invited external stakeholders into the process to push our thinking, challenge our assumptions, and inject cutting edge insights to inform our plans.

Embarking on such a dynamic process enabled our ability to build a sustainability vision guided by diverse experiences and perspectives, measurable data, and a breadth of business, social and environmental realities. We recognized that the world is changing and our business and industry need to change with it. We have an opportunity to create new value and positive impact by transforming the apparel industry at large, starting with ourselves.  

With Made for Change, we strive to drive transformative solutions that make VF’s business, and the lives we touch, better. Made for Change represents a fundamental shift in how we operate our business and view sustainability – from risk management to shared value creation, for our business, society and the world.

Moving forward, we will demonstrate that we can serve as a catalyst for transformative change. We know the journey ahead won’t be easy. We don’t have all the answers. But we are excited to uncover them and are committed to stay the course.

We invite you to join us on our journey – to share in the opportunities, reveal the big ideas for deliberate actions, and hold us accountable to continually evolve our approach. Achieving our goals will require us all to work together.