Sustainability & Responsibility is a team sport. Across VF, our strategy comes to life within a culture of shared accountability, collaboration and commitment to doing the right thing. Enabling us to pursue our goals and affect the change we believe is possible are robust management systems, consistent reporting practices and committed leadership at all levels of our business.

VF's Chairman and CEO, along with the full Senior Leadership Team (SLT), is responsible for approving the strategies and goals related to social and environmental issues. This global team receives progress updates at least once per quarter by VF's Vice President of Global Corporate Sustainability.

The Vice President of Global Corporate Sustainability reports to the Nominating and Governance Committee on VF's Board of Directors, to the full Board of Directors once each year. We monitor progress against S&R targets and goals both at the corporate and individual brand level. All brand presidents report annually to VF's SLT on their sustainability goals and progress.

The Sustainability and Responsibility Leadership Team

The Sustainability & Responsibility Leadership Team (SRLT) supports the integration of our responsible business practices and programs across our business. The SRLT is tasked with approving the scope, strategic plans, goals and policies for VF's program as well as approving strategies for addressing environmental and social issues that present risks and opportunities for VF. This team is deeply committed to ensuring the S&R program is continually advancing, improving and meeting the established goals. The SRLT includes executives in the following positions:

  • Chief Financial Officer
  • President, Global Supply Chain
  • Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Vice President, Corporate Strategy
  • Vice President, Public Affairs
  • President, Workwear, Jeans and Sportswear brands
  • General Counsel

VF Sustainability & Responsibility Community of Practice

The VF Sustainability & Responsibility Community of Practice (CoP) is the catalyst for scaling sustainable innovation and practices throughout the company. The CoP comprises dedicated practitioners embedded within our business units and brands who activate our strategy, partner with internal and external stakeholders and drive performance.

The CoP includes:

  • The Corporate Team: The Corporate Team develops VF's enterprise-wide S&R strategy and goals in collaboration with our Brand Sustainability and Responsible Sourcing Teams. The Corporate Team is sharply focused on creatively solving business challenges with sustainability-related solutions that create value and deliver a positive impact for our stakeholders. The Corporate Team supports the CoP with research, project funding, the creation and sharing of best practices, data management systems and reporting, advocacy and program communications. Additionally, the team creates and embeds policies, standards and business accountability to address risk-based issues.
  • Brand Sustainability Teams: The sustainability teams that sit within VF's brands activate our S&R program by identifying opportunities and tailoring programs that align with their own brand sustainability strategies. The Brand Sustainability Teams are responsible for driving the strategy in their businesses in coordination with key teams from supply chain, retail, marketing and product, among others.
  • Responsible Sourcing Team: The Responsible Sourcing Team manages the social and environmental performance of VF's contract supplier network throughout our supply chain. This team is focused on the following areas:
    • Worker Well-being: Ensuring that all workers in our supplier factories are operating in safe, healthy environments where human rights are respected. Our Sustainable Operations Team, which comprises more than 50 professionals around the world, works with factory owners and managers to continually improve facility management practices and working conditions, with a sharp focus on fire, electrical and structural safety.
    • Worker & Community Development: Providing access to health, nutrition, education and clean water services to improve workers' lives outside the workplace.
    • Product Stewardship and Material Traceability: Creating safe and traceable products from environmentally and socially responsible materials by using good chemistry and the latest traceability tools.
    • Environmental: Working with our supplier factories to reduce their energy, waste and water use, and to encourage the adoption of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition's HIGG index
  • Responsible Sourcing Advisory Council: Our Responsible Sourcing Advisory Council provides deep expertise, insights and diverse perspectives to our program. The council includes university academics, former government officials, NGO leaders and other professionals who advise and challenge us on ongoing program improvements. Council members engage with our teams multiple times each year through virtual and in-person forums.
  • Social Compliance and Auditing Team: Our Global Auditing Team coordinates the regular auditing of all Tier 1 and strategic Tier 2 factories used by VF. Following our comprehensive social compliance standards, our inspection process goes well beyond a simple check-the-box exercise. We interview workers, review supplier records and conduct on-site, unannounced inspections of factories and onsite living areas (where relevant) to ensure workers are being treated fairly.