VF Corporation is a value creation company. Every day, our nearly 70,000 associates around the world take actions that advance our aspiration: to grow by creating amazing products and experiences that transform and improve the lives of consumers worldwide, while delivering superior returns to our shareholders.

Our focus on growth and value creation is unrelenting, but never irresponsible.

While we’ve been in business for 118 years, it’s clear that our obligation to operate our business with the highest social and environmental standards has never been greater. Our consumers demand it; our associates, business partners and communities expect it; and our planet needs it.

We’ve also learned over time that it’s not just about obligation, but opportunity. As one of the largest apparel and footwear companies in the world, we increasingly understand our role as a thought and action leader – innovating and acting in ways that motivate others to follow our lead, just as we have and will continue to learn from and be inspired by others. Collaboration, listening and sharing represent the foundation for achievement.

Made For Change, VF’s new Sustainability & Responsibility strategy, is the underpinning of our current actions and future aspirations. It details how we are fusing our focus on growth, value creation and innovation with our steadfast commitment to lead our industry into a more sustainable future.

Looking ahead, we will remain focused and achievement-driven. We aim to cut VF’s overall environmental impact by half, using science-based targets to guide progress and accountability. We will pursue a 35 percent impact reduction in the materials that are used for our products, and are investing in circular business models, completely reimagining how our products are designed and made. We will ignite movements that inspire and empower people to live sustainable and active lifestyles, and to take actions that help others. And, we will leverage our global scale for good, proving that VF’s size isn’t an environmental liability but rather a powerful force to drive positive change.

As we continue our journey, we will apply VF-style discipline and rigor to our plans and approaches, while simultaneously challenging ourselves to dream big. We are energized about the road ahead.

This report is intended to provide insight to our many stakeholders about our sustainability and responsibility initiatives. If you have suggestions regarding how we carry out this vital work, send us an email at SustainabilityandResponsibility@vfc.com. We welcome your thoughts.

Steve Rendle
Chairman, President & CEO
VF Corporation