A Values-Led Sustainable Business Strategy

VF’s first sustainability and responsibility report highlights the many actions—large and small—that we are taking to responsibly manage our business, across all brands and geographies.

10000Our powerful, iconic brands set us apart from others in the industry.

VF is a growth company. To succeed, we must consistently deliver top-quartile total return to shareholders while operating in a sustainable and responsible manner. Today, our social and environmental programs influence our business decisions and ensure our company maintains a competitive advantage.

VF is also a company of values. These values guide our actions every day, from the way we make, distribute and market our products to the way we work to preserve our environment and support local communities.

In this, our first global sustainability and responsibility report, we provide insight into the actions we’ve taken, outline our sustainability and responsibility strategy, put our social and environmental impacts and efforts into context and detail our goals and progress.

To prepare this report, we assessed the issues most material to our business operations in more than 70 countries. The scope of this report spans activities related to VF, our consolidated subsidiaries and our branded business units, including our owned global manufacturing and distribution systems, as well as areas of sourcing relationships where we exercise control. The basis of the report includes only the operations and brands owned by VF, unless stated otherwise. We’ve worked to understand our most significant impacts and the ways we can use our size, scale and global insights to optimize our social influence and create products in more environmentally-sound ways.

10001VF is a dynamic, global company with 60,000+ associates operating in more than 170 countries. We are organized across four key global regions: North America; Central and South America; Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA); and Asia-Pacific.

Because of the scale of VF, we view this report as a moving picture rather than a snapshot in time. We are constantly improving our programs, policies and processes in order to reach our sustainability and responsibility targets. We are continuously collaborating to meet the expectations of our consumers, customers, associates (employees), shareholders and NGOs around the world. We look forward to reporting and updating our website several times over the course of the year to reflect our most current performance.

We used the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) framework to organize this report and to assess our performance, which informs and begins an ongoing conversation about what it takes to sustainably manage and grow our business. We are committed to reaching our potential through people, products and programs that address our impact on the world, while contributing to favorable change across our industry.

With reference to the GRI third-generation (G3.1) guidelines and the Apparel and Footwear Sector Supplement indicators, we have self-assessed our performance against the GRI guidelines at the B level. For questions related to the report, please contact Sustainability Team.