Water Availability and Health

Ensuring Access to Clean Water

Our commitment to water conservation extends well beyond our facilities’ doors. VF is also working in the communities where we live and work to provide access to clean water and preserve the natural beauty of the ocean.

acces_waterReef® brand associates and athletes give back as part of their Waste to Waves events on Earth Day.

VF brands are working to promote water conservation in their communities. VF is actively seeking ways to share lessons learned from these programs across the enterprise.

To provide access to clean water, the Timberland® brand partnered with the Planet Water Foundation to install drinking water towers around its supplier facilities in Vietnam, India, and the Dominican Republic. The towers will generate 2,642 gallons of clean drinking water per day, thus improving the overall living conditions of these communities. Planet Water is a U.S.-based nonprofit organization that strives to bring clean water to the world’s most disadvantaged communities through the installation of water filtration systems and education on maintaining the systems over time.

Since 2009, the Nautica® brand has partnered with Oceana, the largest international organization dedicated solely to ocean preservation, and participates in World Water Day and World Oceans Day.

As part of the Reef® Redemption program, the Reef® brand works with organizations such as Algalita Marine Research Institute, Waste to Waves and the North Shore Community Land Trust to protect environmental and cultural elements that are integral to the sport of surfing.


Our Approach and Goals

Water Reduction, Recycling and Reuse