Reducing Our Water Consumption

Just one traditional pair of jeans uses approximately 2,500 gallons of water during its lifetime. One simple white T-shirt uses more than 710 gallons. As the world’s largest manufacturer of apparel and footwear, our responsibility is clear. This is why VF aims to use water in the most responsible way possible. As of August 2016, we have submitted our first response to CDP: water.

The production and care of apparel and footwear uses a tremendous amount of water, one of the world’s most scarce resources. Why? Cotton.

We rely heavily on cotton, which requires significant amounts of water to grow and process. Cotton garments also use a considerable amount of water once purchased by consumers, as regular washing is required to maintain them. Our synthetic materials, while not reliant on water from traditional agricultural processes, also require a large amount of water to transform fibers into the final products consumers purchase.

VF is working to be a responsible water steward where we operate. We recognize that while global factors influence water quality and use, it is a local issue – every watershed experiences different conditions, risks and demand pressures.

22000Water Usage by Source in Owned Manufacturing

As we develop our company-wide water strategy, we are working to understand our water footprint and share best practices that reduce consumption and improve water quality. To accomplish this, we are beginning to gather information about the water our products require – both in our supply chain and throughout their life cycle – and are investigating ways to reduce our footprint. In addition, we are assessing how to continually improve water quality throughout the material and product development process, ensuring all wastewater discharged from our plants and supplier facilities meets or exceeds applicable laws and standards.

Our Approach and Goals

Water Reduction, Recycling and Reuse

Water Availability and Health