Reducing Waste in Our Products

Sustainable Design and Development

From the well or farm to the mill, we are looking at the impacts our products have on the environment and communities where they are made. We are working to create products that use less and incorporate more recycled materials.

designanddevVF is continually looking for ways to use more sustainable materials in our products.

We strive to create products that are made of responsibly sourced materials and designed with the environment in mind, which often means pursuing a closed-loop cycle. When we incorporate sustainability into our innovation platform, we have the opportunity to create groundbreaking products that can transform the apparel and footwear industry. Our products and product lines with recycled material include:

flipflop_reefReef® Redemption products contain recycled PET plastic and rubber.
  • Lee® eCREATE Restyle: Our Lee® brand team in India developed eCREATE Restyle, a new collection of products that features recycled materials. The new product line is fundamentally designed with sustainability at its center, addressing environmental impacts of the entire supply chain. Each pair of Lee® brand’s eCREATE Restyle jeans, for example, is made from an average of 15 PET bottles.
  • Reef® Redemption: Reef® Redemption products incorporate recycled materials, such as recycled PET plastic and rubber. One of our bestselling Reef® brand sandals, “Miss J-Bay,” consists of a 51 percent post-industrial recycled triple density EVA footbed with a 25 percent recycled rubber outsole.
  • Timberland® brand’s Earthkeepers collection: Footwear and apparel in the Earthkeepers® collection must meet specific criteria regarding recycled, organic and renewable materials, and water-based adhesives. The line has been so successful that the Timberland® brand plans to roll out many of its features across the entire brand.
  • The North Face®: The North Face® brand is aiming to use 100 percent recycled content in all polyester fabrics by 2016. Close to 80 percent of The North Face®’s fabric is polyester so this is a huge goal. In addition to the brand’s iconic Denali jacket’s fleece textile that contains 100 percent recycled content, the brand also reimagined its Ventra collection, whose new iteration is created using 100 percent recycled nylon in all non-heather colors.

For more information on how waste is eliminated from VF Products, please visit our Products page.

Our Approach and Goals

Reducing Waste in How We Do Business