Global Compliance Program

Supporting Our Suppliers’ Progress

Conducting business with high standards is non-negotiable. Since 1996, our insistence upon compliance with VF’s Global Compliance Program has helped improve working conditions around the world.

suppliersVF regularly audits the supplier factories that make our products.

VF has more than 110 years of manufacturing experience. This has given us a deep understanding of how a factory should be run and how the workers within those factories should be treated. As part of our Global Compliance Program, VF’s Global Compliance Principles are the basic requirements that all factories and suppliers that produce VF apparel and footwear must meet.

We adopted an initial set of 12 principles in 1996 – a number we have since increased to 16 in order to keep pace with evolving standards and expectations. The principles are consistent with the core labor standards established by Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production, the Fair Labor Association and the International Labor Organization’s Declaration on Fundamental Rights and Principles at Work.

"The VF Global Compliance Program plays a vital role in the success of the VF Supply Chain. The Compliance team ensures new factories meet VF’s rigorous Global Compliance Principles. This team holds existing VF suppliers to these same principles and terms, and our sourcing teams work diligently to help the factories meet higher standards. Constant improvement is a necessity in this ever-changing environment we live in. The overarching goal is to provide safe working environments for all of the workers making VF brand products around the globe." - Tom Nelson Vice President of Global Product Supply

In order to become a VF Authorized Facility – a facility that is approved to produce VF products – the supplier to VF or our licensees must sign and abide by our Terms of Engagement document, indicating their acceptance of both the Global Compliance Principles and the detailed Factory Compliance Guidelines.

All VF associates involved with the procurement of our merchandise are responsible for distributing the VF [Global Compliance Principles] to authorized suppliers, agents, licensees and factories. We also require the principles to be posted in all major workplaces and translated into our associates’ native languages.

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