Worker Well-Being at Suppliers

A Positive Influence on Our Industry

We are committed to ensuring all individuals engaged in VF’s work are treated with integrity, honesty, respect and dignity. And we expect no less of our suppliers.

42000VF strives to be a catalyst for positive change in supply chain management across the apparel and footwear industry.

Our Global Compliance Program states that every associate has certain essential rights: the right to fair compensation; the right to associate freely and bargain collectively; the right to work free from discrimination and harassment; and the right to a safe, clean workplace. We regard these rights as non-negotiable imperatives. And we expect our suppliers to behave in a similarly ethical manner. We invest the time and effort necessary to properly vet prospective and contract suppliers to ensure they are in compliance with VF’s Global Compliance Principles.

We or our licensees source product from approximately 1,800 facilities in more than 60 countries, and each facility making products for us or our licensees must be audited by a VF auditor or an approved third-party audit company prior to the submission of any purchase order. Our contract factories must meet our standards – so our inspection process goes far beyond a simple check-the-box exercise. As part of our rigorous assessment process, we interview workers, review supplier records and conduct on-site inspections of factory floors, kitchens and associate lodging (where it exists) to ensure workers are being treated fairly.

"“Factory compliance and the improvement of worker well-being at our suppliers is a collaborative process. It requires the involvement of the management and employees within our contractor base as well as VF’s sourcing, planning and engineering teams.”" - Phil Marsom - Director of Internal Audit, Factory Compliance at VF Corporation

In instances where suppliers do not comply with our standards, we make diligent efforts to oversee improvements to the necessary areas. Over the years, we have learned that improving compliance is an evolving process that requires continued engagement to bring about real change. In circumstances where supplier improvement efforts are sub-standard or non-existent, we end our partnership. VF will not work with suppliers that do not share our commitment to providing a safe, healthy and ethically responsible work environment.

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