The Heart of Everything We Do

We value the unique ideas, perspectives, talents and contributions that each of our associates brings to his or her job. Perhaps that’s why more than 97 percent of our associates say they are proud to work for VF.

41000Our 59,000 associates from more than 50 countries are at the heart of sustainability at VF.

Our 59,000 associates represent a diverse collection of geographies, ethnicities and lifestyles, and we welcome the unique perspectives and talents each brings to our business culture and family of brands.

Many of our VF associates embody the lifestyles our brands represent: at the Reef® brand, many meetings take place at their local surf break. At The North Face® brand, associates are encouraged to get outside to use the brand’s products. At the U.S. based original Wrangler® brand, cowboy boots are part of the work attire. When it comes to culture, we have seen what works – authentic and personal engagement drives us to constantly pursue excellence in everything we do.

Our associates are at the heart of our ability to meet and surpass our sustainability goals. We count on them to strive for workplace safety and human rights, to champion sustainable processes in our operations and to fan out into their communities to serve the people and causes that matter most to them.

Whatever passions and interests may motivate our associates, we are committed to our policy to uphold an inclusive workplace environment where all people are treated the same, without regard to their race, color, gender, age, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, marital status, citizenship, disability, veteran status, HIV/AIDS status, or any other legally protected factor.

To ensure we are evolving our policies to meet the needs and expectations of our associates, we conduct an associate engagement survey every 18 months to understand how our associates feel about working at VF and how we can improve as an employer. In 2013, our associates told us:

• They were proud to work at VF (97 percent)
• VF is a fun place to work (89 percent)
• They would “recommend VF as a good place to work” (80 percent)

Additionally, VF’s survey always points out areas in which we can strengthen our high-performance culture. Our 2013 survey showed that we can do a better job in goal alignment throughout VF, insuring corporate priorities are understood at every level and that individual performance plans align throughout VF in support of corporate objectives. We also learned that there are pockets within our company in which some associates feel it may be difficult to speak up about VF’s shortcomings.

We are working diligently to address these opportunities for improvement and ensure every associate knows his or her voice matters in our culture. We survey our associates for this very reason: we want to hear from everyone and use their input to make VF even better.

VF prides itself on taking our associates’ opinions and recommendations seriously. All associates are actively encouraged to communicate with VF leadership, including the Board of Directors, via mail, email or by calling the VF Ethics Helpline.


41001Associates in Alameda, California take time away from their desks for a fitness class.

In order to bring out the best in our associates, we must support their health and well-being inside and outside the workplace. In 2010, we rolled out in the U.S. Be Fit for Life, an interactive wellness program designed to encourage healthy lifestyle choices among our associates. Be Fit for Life offers associates and their spouses or domestic partners a variety of tools and resources including:

• Tobacco Cessation Program – VF offers free tobacco cessation services to all associates and their dependents. Participants can enroll in the program as often as they’d like. Since 2010, more than 1,000 associates have enrolled in the program with a nearly 53 percent quit-smoking rate – above-average results compared to similar programs.

• Disease Management Coaching – All associates and their spouses or domestic partners can work one-on-one with nurses who offer advice on managing diseases and provide the support needed to adhere to treatment plans.

• Limeade – Introduced in 2014, Limeade is an online program that allows associates to measure their physical and psychological health. Based on these results, associates can set wellness goals, participate in individual and group challenges and track their progress against recommended activities.

Be Fit for Life is governed by VF’s Global Health Management Committee, comprised of representatives from each VF coalition. The committee meets monthly to vet new ideas, discuss associate feedback and implement improvements across the company.

All U.S. VF coalitions have a local Wellness Committee under Be Fit for Life. These committees plan localized events pertinent to individual office culture or medical claim trends. Programs that Wellness Committees have rolled out locally include onsite exercise classes, massage therapy, flu shot availability and participation in community and charitable events.

41002Associates in Hong Kong cleaned up a local school to celebrate Earth Day 2014.

In Asia, all VF associates have access to VF FLEX and FUN, a program geared toward creating a healthy culture. VF contributes to a fund that each associate can use to promote overall wellbeing and positive work life balance. The fund supports activities ranging from medical care to gym memberships, yoga, and holidays. In many of the offices across Asia, associates also have access to resources for monthly activities that focus on fun, family, and “paying it forward” through charity and service work. In 2014, for example, over 100 volunteers from Timberland®’s Hong Kong office celebrated Earth Day by cleaning up the grounds of a local primary school.

Each year, all U.S.-based VF associates and their spouses or domestic partners are asked to complete a personal health assessment. Aggregate results from these regular assessments help us to establish local programs based on relevance and need, and to refine our programs to provide customized initiatives that fit the needs and lifestyles of our associates.

The goal of VF’s wellness initiatives is to create an environment where accountability for health is shared by our associates and their families. That is why ongoing engagement in our programs remains a priority. We want to support and empower individuals to take personal accountability for leading healthier lives and help them to become better, more informed consumers of health care services.

Good benefits are just one way we maintain workplaces that are energizing and inspiring. They are part of an overarching commitment to promote a winning culture dedicated to continuous personal and professional development.


41003Associates in Greensboro participate in a Habitat for Humanity service project.

In addition to wellness programs and training opportunities, VF associates are offered a comprehensive benefits package structured to be effective for their country of residence. The package could include:

• Medical coverage, as well as vision, dental, life and disability
• Voluntary benefit programs
• Tuition assistance and scholarships for children of associates
• Retirement savings plans
• Paid vacations and holidays
• VF product discounts
• Community service opportunities

Fostering a Culture of Achievement

Promoting Sustainability with Our Associates