Both The North Face® and Eagle Creek® brands have expanded their partnerships with bluesign®, an independent agency based in Switzerland that specializes in certifying environmental, health and safety standards along the supply chain.

The partnership between The North Face® brand and bluesign® began six years ago to address chemical use in the brand’s performance-based products. bluesign® conducts audits primarily at The North Face® brand’s fabric mills to determine whether the chemicals used adhere to the organization’s stringent environmental safety requirements. Those that meet the safety targets are approved as bluesign® certified, guaranteeing that the material has been manufactured in an environmentally safe fashion.

Today, about 40 percent of The North Face® brand’s production material by volume is bluesign® certified. Thanks to its partnership with bluesign®, the brand is on track to meet its goal of 65 percent certification by 2015 and 100 percent by 2020.

A significant benefit of the partnership between The North Face® brand and bluesign® is that it enables the brand to accelerate supply chain sustainability throughout the apparel industry. Through the partnership, The North Face® brand has begun recommending that textile suppliers participate in onsite monitoring and implement advisable changes in input, process and equipment. The North Face® brand is now moving beyond fabric mills to engage trim and accessory suppliers – yet another example of how our scale can support environmental gains across the whole industry.